5 Favourite Drugstore Lip Products 

Presenting to you my 5 favourite lip items! I have really dry lips and I don't moisturise my lips every night. ( A habit I know I will to cultivate.) I rarely, if ever, use a matte product because it emphasise the terrible condition of my lips. I'd rather have nothing on than have to … Continue reading 5 Favourite Drugstore Lip Products 


Singapore’s best online grocers for Organic Food (In my opinion)

1 cent for milk? Read on to find out more!   Sharing my list of online marts for organic food shopping in Singapore. Because the supermarkets here don't stock the sunflower sprouts I want.. This all started with my quest for sunflower sprouts. This sprout (I'm telling you) it is so rich in flavour that it has got … Continue reading Singapore’s best online grocers for Organic Food (In my opinion)

Tahpre masks review 

This Korean brand's packaging and branding reminded me of the Balm and Benefit that I first thought it was a "gimmicky" and only-about-packaging kind of brand. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that: (Taken from their website) Tahpre Cosmetics is 5-free. They don't use parabens, artificial perfumes and dyes, mineral oil, and artificial preservatives … Continue reading Tahpre masks review 

Manyo Factory product review

[Reupload] Sharing with you a korean brand that I've been loving so far! This is an unbiased review and so, I had to be fair and add on that there is one item that I didn't get on with. Today I'll be talking about these three products: 1. Manyo Factory Galactomyces Special Treatment Niacin 2. Manyo Factory Herbal Fresh … Continue reading Manyo Factory product review