White Vetiver by Abel – My new Favourite Scent

I recently found a scent I instantaneously loved and read on to find out more about this lovely scent of dreams! Fully intended to purchase one of Abel's eau de parfum in Red Santal but it smelled totally different from the scent that got me infatuated. And so, I spent a good half an hour (or … Continue reading White Vetiver by Abel – My new Favourite Scent

5 Favourite Drugstore Lip Products 

Presenting to you my 5 favourite lip items! I have really dry lips and I don't moisturise my lips every night. ( A habit I know I will to cultivate.) I rarely, if ever, use a matte product because it emphasise the terrible condition of my lips. I'd rather have nothing on than have to … Continue reading 5 Favourite Drugstore Lip Products 

Singapore’s best online grocers for Organic Food (In my opinion)

1 cent for milk? Read on to find out more!   Sharing my list of online marts for organic food shopping in Singapore. Because the supermarkets here don't stock the sunflower sprouts I want.. This all started with my quest for sunflower sprouts. This sprout (I'm telling you) it is so rich in flavour that it has got … Continue reading Singapore’s best online grocers for Organic Food (In my opinion)

Tahpre masks review 

This Korean brand's packaging and branding reminded me of the Balm and Benefit that I first thought it was a "gimmicky" and only-about-packaging kind of brand. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that: (Taken from their website) Tahpre Cosmetics is 5-free. They don't use parabens, artificial perfumes and dyes, mineral oil, and artificial preservatives … Continue reading Tahpre masks review 

Manyo Factory product review

[Reupload] Sharing with you a korean brand that I've been loving so far! This is an unbiased review and so, I had to be fair and add on that there is one item that I didn't get on with. Today I'll be talking about these three products: 1. Manyo Factory Galactomyces Special Treatment Niacin 2. Manyo Factory Herbal Fresh … Continue reading Manyo Factory product review